Lydia & John Engaged


Style and elegance for some is an effortless thing. It's the way you carry yourself, and you may not even know it.  Both Lydia and John have those qualities. Any background or pose I put them in, they looked amazing. Mix that together with their chemistry together, and I'm a kid in a toy store, where every toy is free. 

Mark Proposes to Mara

Mark Proposes to Mara

mark proposes to mara riverside park nyc

Seriously, anything is possible in New York City. Because in New York City can you rent an $85,000 Steinway grand piano and hire movers to drop it off on 106th and Riverside Dr so that you can "casually" walk down the park with your girlfriend, and play a song for her on the piano before you propose.  The piano was out there for a good hour before Mara and Mark arrived, and people who passed by didn't think it was strange to see a piano in the middle of the street. 

It was a total surprise for Mara because even she didn't think it was weird at all to see a piano in the middle of the street. Only when Mark started singing, did she realize something was up. Because Mark only sings for her on a special occasions. 

Congratulations to the newly engaged couple! 

Chrissy + John Engaged


Bring together a guy who thrives on operations (hence the COO of The Supply) and a girl who as taste and imagination, and you get a well planned epic engagement shoot.  Actually, its 3 separate shoots in 3 separate seasons.

We did the first one last fall where locations were scouted, props were brought in, and even a bonfire was made.  The second one was a few weeks ago in snow covered Flatiron.  I love the engagement shoots because it captures this amazing time before marriage and what the couple was like when they were dating. I love how Chrissy and John are really capturing every aspect of their relationship.

Priscilla + Dayton Married


The day started at 5:30AM, because there was a lot to do. They had traditional Chinese games where Dayton had to earn his way to see Priscilla, and a beautiful tea ceremony at Priscilla's parent's house for their family, before we went to take photos with the bridal party. Their ceremony was at the church where Priscilla and Dayton grew up. 

Looking back at the whole day, you could tell where the heart and soul of the day was. It was in those moments earlier, like when Priscilla's put on the headpiece her aunt handmade for her, or when she was able to share a cup of tea with a family friend that saw her grow up since she was little. The reception was at a banquet hall, a huge party for all their guests. 

All these moments add up to make a wedding what it is, both big and small. Spending 13 hours with Priscilla and Dayton, every one of them will be with them forever, and I'm glad to have been there to capture it. 


Grace & Tian An

It's those few minutes right when the snow starts falling. It covers the ground for the first time, and falls slowly before it gains momentum and the storm comes.  If you make your shutter fast enough, you can capture the individual flakes. For me that's the best time to capture winter, and Grace & Tian An scheduled their portraits perfectly. 

A Look Back at 2013

It's almost mid-January. That's crazy. The past few weeks, actually months, have been unusually busy. It wasn't until I had to write down the date the past week that it was 2014.  But as I went through the photos from 2013 I was able to slow down and reminisce. Every photo on here, I remember what I was thinking/feeling when I took that image. 

And it's amazing to me that I was there. That these couples trusted me enough to share in such an important day.  These aren't a best of anything, it's hard to say which wedding is better than the other.  Because every photo here has so much meaning, for me and the people in them. 

Happy new year everyone.

Jen + Jimmy Married

I remember sitting in the balcony with Jimmy at a hotel in Georgia talking about the future. He knew he wanted to marry Jen, that wasn't a question. But when, how, where, all those things were up in the air. I remember dreaming with him, telling him that I'll be there for him with whatever he needs.

Less than a year later, there he was with his eyes closed waiting to see Jen in her wedding dress.  To be a part of their wedding day was a privilege, but to be able to be a part of their journey getting there was the real privilege.

Congrats to you both.

Christine & Chris Married

Christine and Chris are a 21st century love story. They found each other on a dating site. The internet isn't at times the best matchmaker, but when it works it really works. Just see them together and you'll know what I mean.

I've known Christine for a while when I first visited Maryland. She's always been a gracious fan of my work and I was so honored to photograph her beautiful wedding. 

Congratulations to the beautiful couple. 

Heather & John Married

When people ask me what my favorite weddings are to photograph, I mention some great venues I've been to, but I always end up saying that backyard weddings are my favorite to photograph. It takes a certain couple to be able to do that. They have to love planning and decorating. In Heather and John's case, they have to love landscaping as well. After hurricane Sandy almost destroyed her grandfather's backyard, which is where she wanted her wedding, it took the better part of a year to get the backyard to its former glory but it all paid off. 

The wedding was truly handmade, everything from Heather's veil to the table for the cake. All the details and stories are told by Heather on Style Me Pretty . Here are some of my favorite photos from that day.

Grace & Ginmann Married

One of the most endearing things during a wedding is to observe and capture all the different emotions running through the bride and groom. The mixture of nervousness, excitement, fear, hope, and everything in between. For example: 

As Grace finished her make up and she looked at herself in the mirror she said, "Yo, I look good!"  In that comment was humor, gratefulness to the makeup artist, happiness on how everything turned out, but also nervousness of seeing Ginmann for the first time.

Down the hall Ginmann was getting ready, his father helping him with his tie. Nervous but calm and collected, Ginmann gave me a glance while I was taking photos that showed me how he was at peace and thankful for the day but also nervous to see Grace and recite vows that makes two people one. 

The whole day was packed with similar emotions, but Grace and Ginmann went through it so gracefully calming each other with glances, smiles, and a soft touch.

Then the dancing happened, and at that point all emotions went to having an awesome party. 

Andy Proposes to Jia

If everything went according to plan, Andy would have proposed at 6:30, but of course with things like this, that rarely happens.  At 6:30PM, Andy was on a rooftop at 26th street pacing back and forth wondering where Jia was, while Jia was on 50th street wondering why he kept asking her to come downtown when dinner was on 51st street. 

When she finally arrived at the lobby around 7PM, Andy's brother gave her a book Andy made for her that told her to come up to the roof. When she got there, she found herself in a room with candles leading to a deck where Andy was waiting for her.  

They danced to Frank Sinatra singing "Someone To Watch Over Me," Andy said a few words, and then he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. 

A Welcome and Priscilla + Dayton's Engagement

It's a big day for me today as I launch my new home for my wedding photography.  I've been working on this for the past few months and I'm so excited to show it to you today.  In the past year, my photography has grown doing mostly weddings to editorial work as well. And so I've redesigned my original website for the editorial work and this website dedicated to weddings. 

I'm so grateful to be able to do what I do and it wouldn't have been possible without you visiting this site and spreading the word to your friends. So thank you, a million times, thank you.  

For this first post, I want to share with you Priscilla & Dayton's engagement shoot that I photographed over the summer. 

I remember asking them how they met and they both told me they've known each other a long time but it wasn't until recently they fell in love. Dayton was quick to point out how Priscilla was the cool girl with a bunch of friends, and didn't give the quiet and shy Dayton the time of day until much later. 

I never get tired of hearing how couples have met and how their relationship has grown. And I can only imagine that they have mutual friends who still find it hard to believe they are going to get married to each other. 

Katie + Inwoo Married

Katie inwoo preview 0002

Katie inwoo 0005

Inwoo had just finished getting ready when Katie's gift and card arrived for him to read before seeing her. Her gift was a planner and on each page was a quote or a saying that Katie wrote. Tears welled up in Inwoo's eyes as he looked through each of the pages. He turned to me and said, “this is what we talked about, to just take it day by day together. And now we're here.”

I didn't need to know all the details to see that they had been through such a journey to get to where they are now. Little glances that Inwoo gave me during the ceremony or when he saw Katie walking down the aisle showed me everything I needed to know. Congratulations to you both. 

Katie inwoo 0001

Katie inwoo 0002

Katie inwoo 0014

Katie inwoo 0015

Katie inwoo 0016

Katie inwoo 0006

Katie inwoo 0008

Katie inwoo 0009

Katie inwoo 0010

Katie inwoo 0012

Katie inwoo 0017

Katie inwoo 0018

Katie inwoo 0019

Katie inwoo 0020

Katie inwoo 0021

Katie inwoo 0023

Katie inwoo 0024

Katie inwoo 0025

Katie inwoo 0035

Katie inwoo 0036

Katie inwoo 0026

Katie inwoo 0027

Katie inwoo 0029

Katie inwoo 0031

Katie inwoo 0032

Katie inwoo 0038

Katie inwoo 0039

Katie inwoo 0040

Katie inwoo 0042

Katie inwoo 0043

Katie inwoo 0044

Katie inwoo 0045

Katie inwoo 0046

Katie inwoo 0047

Katie inwoo 0049

Katie inwoo 0050

Katie inwoo 0051

Joann + Simeon

Joann simeon 0009

Whenever I think of Joann and Simeon I am reminded of how relationships can change people for the better. That because of everything they go through, good and bad, difficult and seemingly impossible, they emerge the better for it. It's not that their relationship was especially dramatic, but it's that any relationship is hard work. And the comfort they have with each other was because they worked hard to become comfortable.

The end result is that it brings out the best in people. They grow in ways that they never thought possible and never could have without the other person there. And on their wedding day, seeing how happy they were together, it must have been all worth it.

Joann simeon 0001

Joann simeon 0002

Joann simeon 0003

Joann simeon 0004

Joann simeon 0008

Joann simeon 0010

Joann simeon 0011

Joann simeon 0014

Joann simeon 0017

Joann simeon 0018

Joann simeon 0019

Joann simeon 0025

Joann simeon 0030

Joann simeon 0033

Joann simeon 0034

Joann simeon 0035

Joann simeon 0036

Joann simeon 0038

Connie + Tim

Connie tim 0013

As a photographer you become an avid observer of things, and one of the things I love to observe is the subtle dynamics between couples. How after years of knowing someone, they tolerate certain things, roll their eyes at other things, and totally love everything else they do.

From first kisses to cake cutting to the dance floor, Tim was a goofy jokester and Connie, the more calm and collected half looked on with a big smile at Tim. He was free to be himself, and she was more than wiling to accept it. It wasn't that any of this was obvious but watching them together throughout the day, there was a safety about their relationship. It was a beautiful hint at the foundation they build in order to build a life together. 

Connie tim 0001

Connie tim 0004

Connie tim 0005

Connie tim 0007

Connie tim 0008

Connie tim 0012

Connie tim 0014

Connie tim 0015

Connie tim 0016

Connie tim 0017

Connie tim 0018

Connie tim 0020

Connie tim 0021

Connie tim 0022

Connie tim 0023

I also had the good pleasure of working with my friend Fred Lee who was the videographer for the wedding. Check out the video here.  

Boston, Relationships, and Stories

Boston brides 0001

This simple photo means so much to me. It sums up everything from why I am a photographer, to how I have grown in my career. It's a witness to my basic assumption that all of this, everything, is about relationships.

Liz, Allison, Soojin, Minnie, and Katie were all brides that I have photographed in the past year. I've fallen in love with Boston and the people there because they invited me to come up there for their weddings.

My work may have gotten me on their radar but before listening to the trusted recommended from their friends, they had countless other photographers to choose from. And it isn't until they sit down and get to know me which helped them decide to hire me. And really, it's not hiring me as much as it is giving me permission. Permission to be a part of their lives, to get to know them, to give me their trust and for me to do the best I can for them.

None of this would be possible if it wasn't for photography. But I'm realizing that photography is not the end, but a means, and whatever it is that I do, I hope that in its core it's about connecting with people and telling their story.

I don't know what would look like five, ten, twenty years from now, but for now I'm grateful to say that I'm a photographer.