Dyan & Dong Engagement Shoot

I'm convinced after 7 years of photographing couples that the reason some don't like to have their photograph taken is not because they come out bad in photographs, but because they've had bad experiences with their photo being taken. 

It takes a crazy thing like getting married for them to willingly step into that fear of being photographed. I'm always happy to take on that challenge and show them just how great they look as they pose with the person they are in love with. With Dyan and Dong, I hope I was convincing enough of how beautiful they are together. Even in the heat and the early call time, Dyan and Dong were so great to get to know and photograph. 

Stella & Andrew Married

Stella & Andrew Married

After knowing Stella & Andrew for the past couple years, this photo captures for me the essence of why their relationship is so endearing.  Everyone knows those moments where an unabashed, unashamed Andrew is just being himself, and Stella reacting either by laughing at/with him or face-palming herself in embarrassment. 

Leading up to their wedding there were, as with so many other weddings, there were last minute changes and arguments. And when you are in the thick of the stress of wedding planning it feels like everything is just about that one day and nothing else.

But during their ceremony, these words were read aloud to Stella and Andrew:

Great is Thy faithfulness
Morning by morning new mercies I see
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided
Great is Thy faithfulness Lord, unto me

The reasons that deepened their love into vows and united them, can't ever be fully explained or quantified, nor should it be. Because there are graces and mercies that are provided for us and all we can do is try our best to live humbly and gratefully as we receive those blessings.

I see this true in both Stella and Andrew's life, and it was an honor to capture that for them on their wedding day.

Hannah & Solomon Married

Hannah & Solomon Married

Hannah & Solomon thought having a wedding in Cancun would be a great way to keep their wedding small and intimate. They were wrong.  It felt like we took over half the resort that weekend. And although everyone was properly dressed and behaving, that dance floor has probably been torn up beyond recognition. Somehow, Hannah and Solomon got together all the Asians that can dance and brought them to the resort. 

Hannah & Solomon Preview


Jumping in the water wasn't even Solomon's idea. Hannah is supposed the calm and collected one that is amazing at what she does, but no one has to know that it' sharpening. Solomon is the entrepreneur. He's the one that rips up the dance floor by himself while Hannah watches with a big smile. And yet that night, something came over her. Maybe it was the Cancun heat, or maybe it was in the safety of friends and family she realized it was love rather than attention that she was receiving, but she asked Solomon if he was up for it. And he was. They jumped in, and then I asked them to do it again.

As the weather is becoming more and more confusing (and scary), here's to those times when things were simpler. Those times when during 80 degree nights you just wanted to stop dancing and jump in a pool.

Zoe & Steve

Zoe and Steve have this amazing ability that when they talk to you,  you feel as if you're the only person in that room. Their hearts are just open arms for everyone and anyone.  From what I heard during toasts and talking to people at the wedding, it seems like you go from meeting them straight to being a part of their family. Friendships are not enough for them if they love you. 

And their entire wedding was a reflection of that. Their wedding was one of the most extravagant weddings I've been to, but it was at the same time so intimate and thoughtful. Nothing was there just because it would be nice to be there, but it was there because it represented who they were and how they wanted to share their passions with their closest friends and family. 

Zoe and Steve, thank you for letting me be a part of your amazing day and also a part of your lives.