New York City based Wedding Photographer photographing all around the world.

About Me


Who are you?

I'm Minnow. I've been a photographer since 2009, focusing on weddings and portraiture work. My work's been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Well Wed, Style Me Pretty,  and KoreAm. I've won a few awards from the Wedding Photojournalist Association and Fearless Photographers.  But really, that's just icing on the cake.  

What I'm most proud of and grateful for is that I’ve been able to tell stories for the past seven years.  Stories of people like you who invited me into your be a part of your lives.  I've made some great friends and witnessed beautiful moments all because I know how to take photos. That's pretty awesome. 

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How did you become a photographer?

I picked up a camera on a whim because I thought it was cool but immediately, fell totally in love with it. I got introduced to the work of James Nachtwey, Annie Leibovitz, and Henri Cartier-Bresson and realized photography can be more than just pretty images. In 2009 during the financial crisis I got laid off from my advertising job. I did all the things I thought I was supposed to do in order to have a stable career, but it wasn't enough. I realized then that working hard and trying to do something I love is worth more than the ruse of stability to me. I decided soon after to pursue photography full time and I've never looked back.

Why weddings?

Because a wedding is this beautiful union of two people, and there is a beautiful story that has woven you two together.  And on that day I'm trusted to tell the story of a couple’s love for each other and their union.  It's one of the most important days of your life and I get to be take such an intimate part in it.  That connection takes us beyond a client and photographer relationship, it goes much deeper and it's there that I thrive. It’s where I’m able to do my best work to tell your amazing story. 

And a few weeks later, as you look through those moments, the photos become more than just images. They become anchors of where you settled and started a life together. And for years to come as you live with those photos and share them with those around you, you are able to say, "Here is love. Here is what really matters in life."

How long have you been photographing weddings?

I've been photographing weddings for 7 years and have been a part of well over 200 weddings.

What is your approach to wedding photography?

My goal on the wedding day is to tell your love story as beautifully and faithfully as I can through photography whatever that may be.  That means not fitting you into the what I or the industry thinks are good wedding photos, but allowing the photos to reflect who you both are.  Throughout the day I am most concerned with how to hep you be comfortable and be yourselves.  Sometimes that means giving specific direction and taking lead, other times it's being in the background and letting things happen.  

How many weddings do you photograph per year?

I've photographed as much as 40 weddings in a year. But I've recently I've decided to take on no more than 20 commissions a year so that I can be sure to give the time, care, and energy with each couple that invite me into their lives.

About the Wedding Day


Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! I've traveled to California, Bermuda, Mexico, and all over the east coast last year. 

How do you suggest we schedule our wedding day?

Trust me when I say that the day will go by fast. In my opinion the best schedule for a wedding day is where you get to enjoy every part of your day and not feel like your rushing to stay on schedule going from one thing to the next.  Your family and closest friends will all be there. It's so important for you to be fully present throughout the day. 

The best way I've found to do this is to make the schedule as linearly as possible, meaning not having too many things happen at the same time. So I typically start 2-3 hours before your ceremony so that I can take photos of you getting ready and also have time to do first looks, photos with you, your fiancé, and the bridal party (if you have one) before the ceremony.  Family photos could be done before or right after the ceremony, depending on schedule and how big and punctual your family usually is ;).

Then after the ceremony,  you can have some time to soak in the fact you guys are now husband and wife, and also get to enjoy your amazing cocktail hour. 

We may take a few minutes during sunset (weather permitting) for the three of us to take some more portraits, but other than that you will be free to enjoy your dinner, the toasts, and dance the night away.

Do we need a second photographer? 

That depends on two things, how big your wedding will be (how many guests will be there) and if logistically there are a lot of things going on (i.e. because the schedule demands that there has to be multiple things happening at the same time).  If we follow the schedule I suggested, we don't have to have a second photographer.  Less people pointing a camera at you means the better chance you will be more comfortable and be yourselves.  But I totally get that things don’t work out so neatly and sometimes I need to be in two places at once. That’s where a second photographer would be great. 


We're pretty awkward when it comes to taking photos...

It's ok. I don't expect you to be professional models on your wedding day.  Not that you won't look beautiful, but I know you don’t make a living being in front of a camera. During the portrait time, I will give you very specific directions on where to stand and what to do (i.e. Where to put your hands, where to look, chin up, chin down, etc.).  I won't leave you to figure things out for yourself. You'll never hear me say, "ok now act natural" or "be happy!" Honest moments come when you feel safe and you trust that I am doing the best for you.

For most of the day I wont' be directing you as much, but will be there to capture moments as they happen. "I didn't even know you were there when you took that photo." Is one of the best compliment I can receive.

But to be honest, you'll be surprised at how not awkward you can be in front of the camera and how photogenic you are! 

Do you have insurance?

Yes, up to two million dollars liability. I can also provide whatever document your venue/vendor needs.

What equipment do you use? Do you have backup equipment?

I photograph with a Canon 5D Mark III with top of the line lenses.  And on a wedding day my backups have backups, so don't worry!

What do you think about videography?

If you love video and know you'll watch your wedding videos again and again, by all means hire videographers. If not, my humble opinion would be to think really hard before you hire them. Don't do it just because you think you should. Good videographers cost as much as photography, and usually bring along two or three shooters which means there would be that many more cameras pointed at you.  There's a point where your wedding day could start feeling like a reality show. And if you already know your camera shy, it can get pretty overwhelming. 

The most important thing though is to make sure that they are on the same page with the photographer on how they approach the wedding.  If not, the whole day will just be a compromise for the photographer and videographer, which means your images and video won't be the best they can be. 

I do have a few videographers I've worked with before and work really well together, and so I'm happy to give any suggestions. 


About the Photos

When and how many photos can we expect?

I absolute latest I give you your photos are eight weeks from your wedding day but if I can get it to you sooner I will. For an eight hour day, you'll receive at least 400 images. It’s usually more than that, but I know it’ll at least be 400. I end up with thousands of images from your wedding day, but I spend a lot of time and care to go through them and give you the ones I'm most proud of.

Do you edit all the photos?

Every. Single. One. Each photo that you receive will be edited with love and care.

How long do we have our photos for?

As long as I am in business. You will receive a link to download the highest resolution images of your wedding. If you lose them for whatever reason and need them again, just ask!

Do we own the photos?

Yes! There's no watermarking, no up-selling on higher resolution versions. You can print them for your wall, on your t-shirt, a mug, or tattoo it on your arm. Whatever you want to do for your own personal use is totally fine. The only thing that we should talk about is if you ever want to use it for any commercial usage.

What about albums or prints?

You'll be able to see all your photos on an online gallery and you can order prints directly from there. I work with one of the best printers in the industry, and a 4 x 6 image is around 75 cents. I can also custom design albums and have it made by people who bind it together by hand.

About Booking

Do you do custom packages? 

Of course. My packages start with eight hours of coverage and the packages I on there are the most popular ones, but I can customize it to whatever you need. I've photographed a wedding for two hours, or for three days so I'm game for whatever you need. Say hello here for a detailed list of all the services I offer!

Are the prices set in stone?

If you were to ask any couple that's worked with me before, they will tell you that I did my best to work within your budget. I totally get that you're already spending a lot more than what you budgeted for.  What I can say is that what you will be left with after the day is over, are the images. Make sure you trust your photographer, and love your images. It'll be worth every dollar.

How do we book with you? 

A signed contract and 25% deposit, and I'm yours!  


Any advice for us as we are planning our wedding? 

Just be yourselves. What I mean by that is don't do things just because someone told you it's what you should do, or because you saw someone else do it. Every wedding I've photographed, even if it's at a venue I've been to before, is different and beautiful because each couple is different and beautiful. What makes you unique is what made you both fall in love with each other, and what has brought everyone together. Everyone who will be there love you, and are rooting for you. Don't worry so much about whether or not they will enjoy this or that. I promise you they will.

When we were planning our wedding, my wife and I spent so much time and energy thinking about the food for the wedding. From the alcohol to the cheese platter, we spent weeks on choosing the right things. If you ask anyone who was there what they enjoyed the most it was pizza we had delivered at midnight from the shop down the street.  Seriously. They would've been happy with just pizza and a beer.

This isn't to say you shouldn't put care into your wedding. Just don't let it run your lives and stress you out. It's not worth it. You guys are getting MARRIED! Enjoy this time together!

Reach out here so we can and talk about all this in person. Can't wait to hear your story!