The People of Maine (Part 1)

My recent trip to Maine was just the right mix of spontaneity and planning. A friend of mine mentioned it to me because he wanted to take a break from the city. I thought it would be great to spend a few days driving and taking pictures. So we set out on a Wednesday morning, and spent the next two days in Portland. I wrote a post before about a great bar that we randomly found walking around Portland, here some more pictures from that trip.


Canon 5D, 32mm, 1/40 @ f/ 2.8, ISO 1600

This picture was taken at sunrise the next day at Cape Elizabeth. If you search for "Cape Elizabeth" in Flickr, there's about 15,029 others just like it this one (examples here, here, and here). A continual challenge of photography for me is to capture something that is easily recognizable, but also fresh and unique to the subject and to me. As I tried to do that during my trip, it ended up being more about the people and what they were doing on that Wednesday.


Canon 5D, 17mm, 1/200 @ f/ 4.0, ISO 200


Canon 5D, 17mm, 1/250 @ f/ 4.0, ISO 200


Canon 5D, 17mm, 1/1250 @ f/ 4.0, ISO 125


Canon 5D, 17mm, 1/800 @ f/ 4.0, ISO 160

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