Women of the DRC Exhibit

I recently visited the United Nations Headquarters to see a photo exhibition presented by Lynsey Addario and VII Network on the Women of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Congo women have been victims of dictators, warfare, rape, AIDS, and violence this photo exhibition was put together in order to shed light on such injustice.

From their website:

The photographs in this exhibition, taken by Lynsey Addario, Marcus Bleasdale, Ron Haviv and James Nachtwey, tell the story of daily life in the Congo – political, economic, cultural, medical and personal. These images are at once gorgeously composed, highly aesthetic, and full of humanity. At the same time, many are painfully saturated with human grief and suffering.

Needless to say the picture were powerful, heartbreaking, and inspiring. It renewed my passion for photography and my reasons for pursuing it. This week is the last week the gallery is open, please take some time to go visit.

dncexhibit-001.jpg dncexhibit-002.jpg dncexhibit-003.jpg dncexhibit-004.jpg dncexhibit-005.jpg dncexhibit-006.jpg dncexhibit-007.jpg dncexhibit-008.jpg dncexhibit-009.jpg dncexhibit-010.jpg
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