Sleep while Standing


Canon 30D, 31mm, 1/250 @f/ 6.3, ISO 200

During high school while I was helping out at my parent's cleaners on a Saturday, my dad did the most peculiar thing. After answering my questions about how to use the features on the cash register, he started to walk to the back of the store. As I watched him walk away, I noticed his steps started to get slower and slower. After walking a third of the way, he stopped completely. His head dropped down, his shoulder slouched, and his breathing became heavier.

After a couple of moments I asked him, "Dad, is everything OK?"

His head suddenly jolted up, his back straightened, and he continued walking. Over his shoulder he said groggily, "Yeah, I'm OK. Just fell asleep for a second."

I stood amazed, admiring how much balance my father had, but also concerned about how tired he must be. I chuckled and went about the rest of my day. Before i left I asked him if he does that often. He smiled awkwardly, gave me a playful punch in the stomach, and walked away.

The man above, like my dad, possesses the great talent of being able to sleep while standing.

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