Fall & Winter Weddings: Sara & Chris

One day in May or June at my previous job, Chris came up to me and asked if I would shoot his wedding for him in October. It's great to meet new people and be able to take picture of their special day, but it's even better when that person is a friend and coworker.
Chris & Sara both have a deep love for Brooklyn, It's where the newlyweds are living now and also where their wedding took place, specifically the Audubon Boathouse in Prospect Park. I lived in Brooklyn until I was 7 and I remember my mom taking me their every Saturday to feed the ducks and play in the grass. It was great to go back to a place where I have so many great memories in order to capture the memories made between Sara, Chris, and their loved ones on that mid-October night.
"Weeee got marrieeeeeed!" they both said in unison as they sat on the steps of the boathouse. The night was halfway through and we stepped out for a second into the quiet night for a quick portrait session. They were smiling throughout the whole night and every chance they got they gave each other glances full of inside jokes, genuine love, and promises that will last them a 100 lifetimes.
Congratulations to you both.

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