Debbie & Danny Engaged

One of the best thing a couple can say to me about my photographs is that I captured who they are, and what their relationship is like.  Because the point is to not reinterpret who they are or make them fit into what I think, but for me to just capture what is in front of me as best as I can.  When Debbie, Danny, and I started our shoot I asked them to do things that I thought they would want to do and it just didn't work.  They were awkward and uncomfortable, two things you never want to happen during a photoshoot.  And it wasn't until I let them do what they wanted, like trying to fit their heads through a fence or balancing themselves on a longboard, did I get to see what their relationship was like.  One that is playful, full of laughter, and full of love.

While we walked back after the shoot, Debbie said to me "thanks for letting us be ourselves."  That's all I needed to hear to know that the shoot went well.