Nora and Irving Married | Long Island City, NYC

I came with great expectations for this wedding because it was at the Metropolitan Building, and had such a great time there at Cheryl & Joe's wedding, but didn't expect what was about to happen that day. I mean, Nora & Irving's wedding had it all and then some: a bridesmaid carried a groomsman in her arms, a marine shaked his booty during a dance off like his life depended on it, and Irving and his friend stripped each other on the dance floor (it didn't get too crazy, you'll see).

Nora is a natural poet. During the ceremony when she read her vows, it was more like poetry than a vow.  Irving is a natural host/emcee. When he took the mic at the reception, it became a TV show.

The truth is, I could have shot at this venue all year, but each wedding would have still been unique because what makes the wedding is not the venue but the couple and the people in their lives.  We could have had this wedding on a street corner in Long Island City, and it would have still been amazing.