Annette & Chris Married | Tampa, Florida

There are so many stories that make up that one moment.  Stories that Chris and Annette share together, some that they can laugh about now but at the time seemed impossible to get through.  Then there are the stories of those around them that helped them become the who they are today; people who know how to love and commit.

Family and friends went around the room during the rehearsal dinner telling their favorite stories about Annette and Chris. The night after the wedding, aunts, uncles, and cousins sat around the living room telling more stories and singing songs from their childhood. Like the story of how Chris' mom and her five siblings left Cuba without their parents soon after Castro came into power, and ended up in Pennsylvania with with their uncle, aunt, and eight of their cousins.  They moved from city to city until they settled in Florida where she met Chris' dad, started a family with Chris and his two brothers.

Their wedding was what brought them all together, but these stories were what united them. A hundred lives were lived among them and their friends and family and now Annette and Chris have all their love and support to live out their own.