For Our Good Even Through Cancer

We all came together one Sunday night a couple weeks after we heard the news that Dennis had cancer. Since he lives in California, we video conferenced him in to our meeting to catch up with him and to see how he was doing.
Dennis was scheduled that week for surgery to remove the tumor that was on his leg. We didn't know how successful the surgery was going to be or how he was going to pay for it since he was uninsured. With such uncertainty in front of us all we could do was pray. We spent the night praying for healing and encouragement.

And even though we didn't receive any answers, we all left that night feeling at peace. We left hopeful because we knew that no matter what happened there was a purpose to all this and that it would be for our good.

It's been a few weeks since the surgery and it was a success. They got all of the tumor out. The margins were clean, and the cancer didn't spread to the rest of his body. Even though he's missing a muscle, Dennis is well on his way to full recovery.