Tin Pan Blues Band at Penn Station

The Tin Pan Blues Band at Tracks from Minnow Park on Vimeo.

There's always live music on the streets and in the train stations of New York; singers, songwriters, electric violinsts, and even one man bands. But it's hard to find great live music. Sometimes you can get really lucky and great music can find you, like when I waited for my LIRR train and heard the Tin Pan Blues Band play. They were playing in front of the bar Tracks at Penn Station and I had to take some pictures and video of them playing.

What made the night even better was that I also got me to meet Bruce, the owner of Tracks. He's the one with the joker hat off to the corner in the video and it's the beads around his neck that I took a picture of. We instantly became friends and I ended up staying close to midnight drinking Guinness and eating great Jambalaya.

Raise a glass with me (or your instrument) to great music, great people, and a great city.