KIES Opening | Preparing for the Students


For the past two months I've been documenting the opening of KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) Infinity Elementary School.  What I thought would be a chance to take photos of cute kindergarteners singing songs with their teachers, became something so much more. The values that these teachers are instilling into these children are lessons that I has an adult also need to learn.

"Work Hard. Be Nice." is the official motto of KIPP.  It's written on a wall somewhere in every KIPP school and office throughout the country. For KIES (KIPP Infinity Elementary School) that motto resonates to them as UNITE.

Never Give Up.
Take a Risk.

Each teacher works so hard to create an atmosphere where the students can learn, not only about good academics, but also about good character.  They are concerned about the student as a whole, not only their grades.  They consistently take the extra time to instill in the students to make the right choices, be ok with mistakes, and know that they have infinite potential to do whatever they want.  They give them a K-16 (four years of college) vision, not one that lasts them until nap time.

There's so much more I could say, but I'm going to let the founding co-principals and teachers speak about all this.  I've had the privilege of interviewing them as well and I'm working to have have something to show you guys within the coming weeks. Until then, here are just some images from the week before school started when the classrooms were being redone, and the teachers were planning their lessons for the year.