Kissena Park in Film

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One weekend this past summer, my good friend Edmond and I walked around Kissena Park for a few hours taking photos with his Mamiya RB67. I visit this park almost everyday to run or to just sit and relax, and I've taken photos of the park before, but never in such a meticulous way. We only shot about 20 or so frames for the few hours we were there. Each frame we took involved so many steps: measuring the light, composing the shot on a tripod, taking a photo first with a polaroid to see that it was what we wanted, then taking it finally with the Kodak rolls. Because each frame was such a commitment, it forced me to slow down and really think about the photo and what I wanted to take.

It was a total change of pace from the constant shooting you do at a wedding or on a story and it brought me back to the essence of why I love photography.

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