Susan + David | New York, NY | November 2011

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He impatiently paced around the room while his roommates were watching TV.  He kept saying, "Susan is coming, Susan is coming!" His friends knew it was pointless to tell him to relax and sit down.  He just couldn't help himself, mostly because he was in love, but also because that's just who Dave is: a bright eyed person with a child-like heart who found his kindred spirit in Susan. As Susan finally arrived, Dave ran to open the door and said, "I waited for you!" Without missing a beat, Susan repled, "You waited for me!"

That story, told by the officiant during the ceremony, sums up who Susan and Dave are to me.  From our first meeting, to the engagement, and throughout the wedding day even just a simple smile made for great photos.  They both embraced the nervousness, the excitement, and celebration and threw the biggest party of their lives with their family and best friends.

And as their friends lifted up their hands in full spirit-finger mode around the newlyweds as they danced their final dance, we all felt the same thing: these two are so great together and we are so happy for them.


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