Janice & Paul Married | May 2011 | New York City

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Janice & Paul have a mission. They also have romance, commitment, love and all the other things that come with falling in love, but there's something bigger than just that between them.  In a time when we are told that love and marriage is the end all, be all, that if you find that one "soulmate" you will live happily ever after, it seemed to me that Janice & Paul were look for more.

Happiness, of course is something that we all want and rightly deserve, but if living happily ever after with the one is really the reason why we love and grow I daresay that we will be very disappointed.

Because with couples like Janice and Paul, you can tell something is different.  Because it says something about the couple when the wedding favors for their guests aren't actually gifts as much as the honor of donating to Reah, a non-profit that works to create viable and sustainable long-term projects inside North Korea.  It says that when it comes times to make bigger decisions, we will put other before ourselves. That happiness will take a back seat if it means making a difference in this world. And again, I daresay that to have a goal like that will never disappoint.

Weddings like this leave me with much more than great photos. It helps me focus on more than just making a living.

Special thanks to Annie Yu for being an awesome second photographer.

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