Hope in Glendora, Mississippi

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It was a three-pronged effort for one week. Education (a summer school for the children in Glendora), medicine (free health screenings and seminars on the causes of stroke, and about healthy eating), and construction (rebuilding an apartment that was vandalized by local gang members).  A week isn't a long time to do any significant work, but if you've been going back multiple times a year for 10 years then there's relationships that are built, and significant work that can be done. That's when State Senators and the local news come by to interview and document what's been going on here.

That's also when the whole town gets involved. That's when the mayor rolls up his sleeves to help with the construction, people taking turns to look lunches for lunches for us everyday, and when they drive to and from our hotels every morning and evening. There's a trust that is being built between these folks from the Delta and the New Yorkers that fly down every couple months.  And even though we haven't even scratched the surface of solving all the problems, there's so much hope and a willingness to get things done.  I haven't done justice this past week in documenting the work being done there and the beautiful people that live there, but I'm planning to go back as often as I can.

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