Carolyn & David | July 2011 | Big Indian, NY

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Sometimes it may take longer than expected to meet the right person, but once you do, you know it was worth the wait. Carolyn & David found each other online through eHarmony; the timeless act of falling in love sparked by timely technology. In Carolyn's own words:

" I spent a couple years on and off of eHarmony, never with any success, and rarely inspired. It was after longtime friend, Marlene, got engaged to someone she met on eHarmony, that I, somewhat resignedly decided to give it one more chance. Over the years, I have been matched with over 1,000 men-none of whom could hold a candle to David A. Larrabee, who had only been on for two weeks before I spotted him."

Both of them love the outdoors, and so their wedding was in the mountains in upstate New York. They invited life long friends of 20, 30 years so they can spend a few days together celebrating and catching up. And being with them for that time, it doesn't matter how old or young you are when you are in love it is all familiar. The sparkle in their eyes, the shared whispers, and how she nestles her head in his arms.

I realized while taking photos for Carolyn and David, that youth has little to do with numbers, and that love looks more beautiful as the years go by.

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