Steve & Mary Anne's 60th Anniversary | August 2011 | New York, NY

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There was close to 60 people at the party, all of them descendants of Steve & Mary Anne.  Sons, daughters, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, children, and grandchildren came together from all over the country to celebrate 60 years of their marriage. Most of the night was spent with different family members coming up and giving a toast to their family, their spouses, and to Steve and Mary Anne.  As each of them spoke, there were laughter and tears amongst everyone (and me) as they expressed their love for this beautiful family and what an example it was to see two people together for 60 years and still be madly in love.

As the band played and they danced together, Steve was full of emotions tears welling up in his eyes while Mary Anna was collected, but smiling in his arms.  They really seemed as one, a bond made through all the ups and downs and through the victories and failures they faced together.

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