Minhee & David Married | Vienna, VA

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Often weddings are just as much about those who aren't there as those who are. Those present witness and celebrate with the bride and groom on their wedding day.  Those that aren't,  are remembered, felt, and respected.  As I was taking photos of the church right before the ceremony for Minhee and David, I couldn't help but notice a photo that was by the altar: a photo of Minhee in a graduation grown and her mom next to her with a big smile, holding flowers, so proud of her daughter.  That's how Minhee chose to remember such an important person who wasn't there at the wedding. 

And so even though she passed away, she was stillthere with her in that special moment. All the love and care she gave to Minhee made her the woman she was at that altar and Minhee knows that a part of her mother will always live on through her and David.

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