By Way of Brooklyn | Dani Concepcion

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As we all try to find that intersection in life where our callings, passion, and career meet, our instinct is to not avoid the "less-traveled" road as Robert Frost would say. We listen to parents who give us their fool-proof opinions, or others who give their own safe recommendations. But then there are the courageous ones like Dani who blaze their own path because nothing about the landscape in front of them seem to lead them to where they want to go. They stay true to themselves, stay grounded in a confidence and belief in who they are and what they do.  And as they walk their road, they attract others to follow and walk alongside them. You can never really plan to go from from a strip club, to Hawaii, to being a lifestyle marketer, but once the road is traveled, it seems a lot more obvious then when you are traveling through it.  

Spending time with Dani, it really is true that there aren't any hidden rules or secrets to a having a fulfilling life.  Instead, if you are a nice person, meaning someone person who is genuine, and treats people the way they should be treated then that will take you a lot farther than you would think. After hearing Dani's stories during the photo shoot, I came away with more than just pretty photos. I was reminded of things that I've forgotten as someone trying to make it in this "concrete jungle".

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