Why I Love Photographing Weddings

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A wedding is about two people becoming one. Neither science or math can prove such a union, even though it's plainly evident. It's a matter of the heart and the strength of one's word. And in such a union, and on such a day, nothing is left out. With their family and closest friends around them, they share everything about themselves; the good and bad, the victories and failures, and the blessings and losses.

And in the midst of all that I'm there. I'm there because the couple invited me as a trusted witness to capture what happens that day.

They trust me.

There is a gravity to such a gesture. It makes you humble and grateful.  It makes us vulnerable with each other. It creates a connection between the couple and me that goes beyond mere "payment of services rendered." And it's in those connections that I thrive, and where this becomes more than a job.

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A few weeks later after their wedding I'm able to give back what they had given me. And as they hold those beautiful yet fleeting moments in their hands, the photos become more than just images.  They become anchors of where they settled and started a life together. And for the years to come, as they share the photos with loved ones and each other, they will say, "Here is love.  Here is what really matters in life."

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