A Montauk Sunrise

Montauk sunrise 0001

It started out as dinner in the city and watching the Knicks lose to the Bulls, but ended with breakfast in Montauk.

We were on my roof drinking Shock Tops, smoking cigars, and looking up flights leaving to Dublin or Los Angeles that night, when we realized going out to the tip of Long Island to watch the sunrise was a much cheaper and reasonable idea.  And as we passed exit 65 on the Long Island Expressway at 3 in the morning, singing "Kiss from a Rose" at the top of our lungs, a reasonable idea turned into an awesome one.

We ended up being underdressed and standing in the rain to see a cloudy sunrise, but we were proud of ourselves for coming up with such a great idea. The trick we found out, is to pretend every night is a Friday night.

Montauk sunrise 0008

Montauk sunrise 0005

Montauk sunrise 0003

Montauk sunrise 0011

Montauk sunrise 0007

Montauk sunrise 0010

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Montauk sunrise 0014

Montauk sunrise 0015

Montauk sunrise 0016