Jordan Chung's First Birthday

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It's a long practiced tradition in Korean and Chinese culture to throw a big party for your child's first 100 days, or first year birthday. The idea came from the fact that long ago, infant mortality rates were so high in Korea and China that if a child lived for 100 days or longer it was a reason to celebrate. Now, that tradition has become more of a time for family and friends to get together and celebrate the birth of a new life and a family.

Jordan's parents, Tim and Young Hae are some of my closest friends whom I've known since I was in college. It's been amazing being there from them dating, getting engaged, married, and now with their first son. I normally don't photograph kid's birthday parties, since I'd much rather play with kids than take photographs of them, but for Tim, Young Hae, and Jordan I had to be there.

I love you three so much. Happy birthday Jordan!

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