Savannah 0002

The calm river, the low hanging trees, and a cool summer weekend has left me with an impression of Savannah that I soon won't forget. When we were there it seemed like the town was reinventing themselves. There was construction for new buildings and roads, but it was still every bit as charming and beautiful. When the city was first planned, they made it a point to have community squares throughout the city so that people can come together to socialize and connect with each other. 

Seony and Phil brought me down there for a wedding last month, and even though it was my first time in Savannah and Georgia, I fell in love.  They rented a house at the edge of a river in Savannah and I these are my favorite photos that I took there while the sun was setting.

Savannah 0001

Savannah 0006

Savannah 0003

Savannah 0007

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Savannah 0010

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