By Way of Brooklyn | Jasmine Kim

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It's amazing to think that kids who were in 3rd grade during 9/11 are now in their 20's going to college, and coming of age. Until a few years ago, I felt like I was a part of the latest and greatest generation, but after meeting Jasmine I realize there's a whole other group coming up that are much more knowledgeable and exposed to the more information than any other generation before them. If you have an aesthetic and taste like Jasmine, the world is there for you to filter and curate. 

I met her through shooting for the latest issue of By Way of Brooklyn. She wore clothing put together through thrifty finds, rode a long board, shot with a film camera, and carried a presence that's far beyond her years.  We walked around Chelsea for different places to shoot, and talked about me growing up in Queens and her growing up in Great Neck, and how not a lot of people around us were into what we were interested in. 

Towards the end of the shoot when she told me she was interested in photography and weddings, I took the chance to ask her if she wanted to assist me. She said yes, and got the job right there in front of FIT. 

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