Andy Proposes to Jia

If everything went according to plan, Andy would have proposed at 6:30, but of course with things like this, that rarely happens.  At 6:30PM, Andy was on a rooftop at 26th street pacing back and forth wondering where Jia was, while Jia was on 50th street wondering why he kept asking her to come downtown when dinner was on 51st street. 

When she finally arrived at the lobby around 7PM, Andy's brother gave her a book Andy made for her that told her to come up to the roof. When she got there, she found herself in a room with candles leading to a deck where Andy was waiting for her.  

They danced to Frank Sinatra singing "Someone To Watch Over Me," Andy said a few words, and then he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. 

Minnow Park