Grace & Ginmann Married

One of the most endearing things during a wedding is to observe and capture all the different emotions running through the bride and groom. The mixture of nervousness, excitement, fear, hope, and everything in between. For example: 

As Grace finished her make up and she looked at herself in the mirror she said, "Yo, I look good!"  In that comment was humor, gratefulness to the makeup artist, happiness on how everything turned out, but also nervousness of seeing Ginmann for the first time.

Down the hall Ginmann was getting ready, his father helping him with his tie. Nervous but calm and collected, Ginmann gave me a glance while I was taking photos that showed me how he was at peace and thankful for the day but also nervous to see Grace and recite vows that makes two people one. 

The whole day was packed with similar emotions, but Grace and Ginmann went through it so gracefully calming each other with glances, smiles, and a soft touch.

Then the dancing happened, and at that point all emotions went to having an awesome party.