Beverly + Dan Married

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No matter what "success" means as a wedding photographer, one thing I never want to change is the amount of weddings I do per year. Right now it's somewhere between 25-30 (trying my best to keep it closer to 25, hopefully be able to shoot less) because if I shoot anymore than that, I'll lose the one thing I love most about this job: relationship. I'd start to forget people's names, one wedding would blend into another and I'd become calloused to what makes each couple unique and beautiful.  It's a conscious choice to say that the goal of this isn't to make the most money I can, nor to be famous enough to become a company. It's a conscious choice to invest in people's lives and not the wedding industry. It's tempting to look at each wedding as numbers and dollars earned, but then the soul of what I do would be lost. And then it just becomes a job. 

Beverly and Dan are a couple that make me want to stay the course. Since the wedding, they've invited me over for hot pot and we've shared Korean BBQ together, a scared ritual of pork belly that cements any great friendship.  Each time I'm so grateful that I've met them and was part of such special day. I came over their place a few weeks ago and played a slideshow for them of their photos.  Their appreciation for the photos weren't just because they were pretty but because it reflected them as who they are. It's an authenticity that would be lost if I was a vendor and not their photographer. And that wouldn't be possible if I was so busy shooting 50+ weddings that there was nothing left for me to give. 

Thank you Bev and Dan for letting me into your lives and reminding me why I love what I do. 

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