Talia + Paul

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You start off single, with the world revolving around you; you can do what you want and when you want to. Then from dating to engagement to marriage, you slowly start to lose your autonomy. Independence gives way to compromises, and a free spirit learns to be patient and consistent. Then you have a child and everything about yourself becomes secondary and others really become the priority. Your husband/wife becomes that much more important, and your child is "...your heart running around outside your body,” as Steve Jobs once said. 

Talia and Paul understood that as they were expecting their first child. Instead of a wedding, they decided to go down to City Hall. There were better ways  to spend that money now, such as a crib or their child's college fund.  But they did want photos before they went to get married. Seemingly tough choices they had to make were easy to make because they knew life wasn't just about them anymore. 

Because the secret is that as you go through life becoming more selfless and more giving, the happier and more fulfilled you become as well.

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