Sunny + Roger Married

It was the first time in Austin for me. Went there at the end of August, and it was hot. Like, really hot. I remember kneeling on the asphalt in the middle of the road for the bridal party photos and felt the floor burning and my knees melting. Like really hot. But that's the beauty of photos, you don't remember that when you look back. You just see the great moments. 

Here's the day in Sunny's words: 

The day of the wedding was so great-I wish I could remember every single detail of the entire day and stick it in my pocket.  Someone told me to just let everything go on the day of and just enjoy yourself, which I think was probably the best advice I could've gotten. I loved having all of our friends and family together and just tried to take everything in and not sweat the small things. I just remember feeling super relaxed, humbled by the fact that people came to see us get married! and in awe of the fact that everything about the day was happening after so many months of planning,  Everything that I had envisioned about the wedding was actually happening! We had tons of help from our community of family and friends- so we were so thankful for them and the amount of time and energy they put in.