Priscilla + Dayton Married


The day started at 5:30AM, because there was a lot to do. They had traditional Chinese games where Dayton had to earn his way to see Priscilla, and a beautiful tea ceremony at Priscilla's parent's house for their family, before we went to take photos with the bridal party. Their ceremony was at the church where Priscilla and Dayton grew up. 

Looking back at the whole day, you could tell where the heart and soul of the day was. It was in those moments earlier, like when Priscilla's put on the headpiece her aunt handmade for her, or when she was able to share a cup of tea with a family friend that saw her grow up since she was little. The reception was at a banquet hall, a huge party for all their guests. 

All these moments add up to make a wedding what it is, both big and small. Spending 13 hours with Priscilla and Dayton, every one of them will be with them forever, and I'm glad to have been there to capture it. 


Minnow Park