Candice + Paul Engaged


I wanted to share a story that Candice and Paul told me during out shoot that has become one of the most endearing stories, but a little background first. I've known Candice since she was in middle school, and for her to be getting married is surreal to me. I can't believe she's grown up so much but at the same time still the same person I remember that always hung out around me and her cousins. 

"One time Paul and I were fighting in his car and I was so upset. We both sat there for a few minutes not saying anything to each other. I was looking out the window huffing and puffing, waiting for him to say something. I couldn't take it any more and yelled, 'Aren't you going to say something? See, you never say anything. You're always so quiet!'

After a few moments Paul looked at me, put his hand on mine, and asked in a soft voice, 'Do you want to get Maggie Moo's?' He knew that I loved ice cream and I couldn't say no. So even though I was so angry, I muttered under my breath, 'yes'"

"It works every time. It's my secret weapon when we fight."

And in that, my dear friends, is a very important lesson: If food is the way to your lover's heart, pave out a highway and give them whatever they want.


Minnow Park