Jen & Andy Married


I saw my friend Dave a week after Andy's bachelor party. I asked him how it went and he told me, "He invited like 20 people to his bachelor party! Who does that?" Andy does. As a friend of Andy's I can attest to his infectious enthusiasm that attracts people, and connects them together.   Enough that he as an entourage for his birthday party. 

On the other hand, when Jen finished putting on her wedding dress and jewelry, she seemed so uncomfortable receiving compliments on how beautiful she looked. I asked her, "you don't really like to be the center of attention do you?" She shook her head furiously in response. She seemed as if she was always thinking and analyzing. Even on a day all about her, she was thinking and doing things for everyone else around her. 

Throughout the day I saw these two very different people handle the stress and excitement of a wedding day. From the uncontrollable tears Andy shed while reading Jenny's card to Jenny's efforts in keeping her mom focused during her speech at the ceremony to not go off script. In little moments you saw who they were and then you saw how beautifully it came together when they were looking at each other, reciting vows, taking photos, and dancing their first dance. 

It's a complex fabric that's woven when two people come together; some places are better woven than others, some just holes that need to be patched up.  Nevertheless,its undeniably beautiful. I went all the way to San Fransisco to see what Jenny and Andy made, and it was an honor to witness it.