Eugene Proposes to Kathy

French fries. 

After all the months of meticulous planning, after Eugene proposed, and after Kathy said yes, all they wanted was to eat french fries with their champagne.  When I started laughing at their peculiar way to celebrate, they proudly told me about their love for french fries and about the ridiculous amounts of it they ate during their relationship. 

At the engagement party that night, Eugene showed some friends photos from the proposal and many of them loved this photo. I think it was because it captured what made them so charming: a ring to show their love, and a french fry to show their passions. 

It's the little things that become the biggest things when you are with someone. Sometimes it's the little things that quell and argument, or is the perfect way to end a beautiful moment. For Eugene and Kathy, french fries are their little nuggets of happiness.