Dan Proposes to Helen

When we met up to plan for the proposal first thing Dan said to me was, "I'm so nervous I think I'm going to throw up." It was more than a week away till he'd ask her.  We made a plan A location and a plan B location. On the day of I'd text him (he would change my name to Frankie Park, his cousin, on his phone) "It's sunny out" if it was going to be plan A, and "it's raining" if it was going to be plan B. A couple hours before he'd bring her to the spot, he asked me whether he should bend on his left or right knee. He called me after he parked "Yo Frankie, we just parked man. Should we meet you at the place we talked about?" 

And after all the preparation and thought that went into the proposal, the moment only lasted a few seconds. A question that was on his mind for a while was asked, and the answer came after a gasp, confusion, and much laughter.  Helen said yes as gracefully as she could being caught so off guard. She told me she asked him "do I take the ring out now?" after she said yes. 

To their credit, this was their first time they did anything like this before.

Congratulations to the newly engaged couple. I hope the reality has sunk in: you're getting married!