Jean & Arnold Married

Taste. It's something that's being recovered in the wedding industry as of late, but is still is in short supply. It's really no one's fault though. For an event as big and important as a wedding, there's a huge temptation to march the path of least resistance. You can then find yourself in a world where everything is a parallel universe of every other wedding you've seen.  I've tried my best not to drink from the same well that the industry drinks from,  but draw from as many different places as possible.

That's why photographing Jean and Arnold's wedding was so refreshing. Every detail was so thought out and tasteful.  It's a daunting task and have to work constraints of opinions and budget, but they succeeded and I couldn't help but love every part of their wedding. From the beautiful yet unconventional wedding dress, to Jean and her Father's dance routine, this wedding was filled with personality, beauty, and love.