Allison + Peter

The one thing the bride and photographer both dread on a wedding day is rainy weather. There’s even a saying that “rain on your wedding day is good luck!” But it’s just a euphemism to help us all feel better about a rainy wedding day. After Allison and Peter’s wedding though, I’ve come to the conclusion that rain is very underrated when it comes to wedding days and for beautiful photos.

Allison and Peter both love Princeton campus and rain or shine wanted to take some photos there. No amount of euphemisms were going to stop them from taking these photos. We were just starting our portrait time when it started to drizzle. The wedding was in December and the sun was also setting quickly, so it seemed like the worst of both worlds. But instead, we were able to get that magic blue hour along with having these beautiful stone floors light up and reflect all the light. The ground isn’t alive like that when it isn’t raining. It’s like a whole other dimension is opened up when you shoot in the rain.

It gave this beautiful misty feel to the whole shoot, and allowed for Allison and Peter’s smiles to bring all the sunshine. The rest of the wedding was a mixture of more laughter, roasting of the couple, dancing, and an impromptu concert done by the groom. I’ve always started my wedding days crossing my fingers hoping that the rain wouldn’t come, but now it doesn’t really matter anymore.

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