Hannah + Charles


The wedding day can be seen as a masterclass in how to deal with things that are completely outside of your control. No matter how much planning you do, this is true. One of those factors is the weather, especially in New York. And on Hannah and Charles’s wedding day we all woke up to pouring rain.

Even up till an hour before the ceremony it was raining, but rather than just deciding to have the ceremony indoors, Hannah always wanted an outdoor ceremony and wanted to wait to see what happens. She was insistent but also gracious and caring, rather than being demanding or frustrated. Charles was the loving supporter that was able to talk through the different possible options. In the end, the universe had bent to her will and the rain stopped and everything went according to plan.

Interactions like this is something I’ve notice only after I got married. How you are able to work through opinions and decision constructively is so important in a marriage. From deciding about where to have a ceremon\y to what a family should look like, the synergy that I saw in Hannah and Charles was impressive and way beyond their newlywed years.