Jenni & Julian

Michael, the best man summed it up well in his speech when he showed a selfie that Jenni and Julian took looking over a cityscape.  Jenny was in between Julian's arms and both of them had huge smiles across their face. "Look at how happy they are! I've known Julian all my life, and I never saw him as happy as he was after he met Jenni." 

That's what I remember most from Jenni and Julian's wedding: their smiles, smiles that could light up any room. They had these subtle ways of looking at each other, and tiny expressions they would exchange, that caused the other to smile uncontrollably. From the engagement shoot to the first dance at their wedding, it seemed like they were just smiling at each other whole time. I know life, and especially marriage can't be all smiles all the time, but I do know that it can bring out the best in people, and in these moments that's what it did for these two.