Tracy & Danny


The amazing thing that happens when you love and are loved by someone, is how you change and grow because of them. You learn to love the way they feel the most loved, and what they embrace about you blossoms to become a part of them as well. 

I see it all the time as I watch couples interact with each other. Like when Tracy wiped away Danny’s tears after she walked down the aisle to him, and stood by his side. Both their expressions at that moment showed me a generous bride that respects her groom’s tender and loving heart, and a groom who feels accepted to be himself as he loves and cherishes his bride.

Their vows came from the bottom of their heart, they whispered sweet nothings to each other as we took photos, and they smiled brighter than the sun all night long.  Their tender love was on display all night and we all left warmer because of them.